5 Organizing Tasks for Fall

Welcome to Fall! Here in Buffalo, New York we love the four seasons and Fall is one of my favorite. In between apple picking and football games, or whatever your favorite activities are, mix in a few organizing tasks.

  1. Bring patio furniture inside or at least cover it to keep snow and ice off. Find a tote or box for seasonal items, such as wind chimes and garden ornaments. When it’s time to bring these items out next spring it will be so much easier to find them if they are in one place.
  1. Clean out your garden.
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Four Tips to Reduce Your Use of Consumables

  1. Think twice about printing something. Sometimes taking a photo with your phone or saving it as a PDF will work just fine. There are also apps that let you scan a document and save.
  1. Have microfiber cloths and rags available in your kitchen and bathroom. Most cleanup jobs are actually pretty clean and can be accomplished with a microfiber cloth or rag that can be easily washed and reused. Cut up old t-shirts and other items and have some rags that you can use for really dirty jobs and just toss them when you are done. 
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Don’t let your photos live on your phone!

Let’s talk about preserving your memories! We are constantly taking photos with our phones and creating an archive of all the fun places we have been, the things we have seen and the people we have spent time with. But, your phone or digital camera shouldn’t be the storage spot for months or years of photos.

We all know that accidents happen to phones and everything stored on it can be gone quickly. Don’t let this happen to you. There are a number of photo storage applications that you can use, most likely one that is already on your computer or available for free.… Continue Reading