Four Tips to Reduce Your Use of Consumables

  1. Think twice about printing something. Sometimes taking a photo with your phone or saving it as a PDF will work just fine. There are also apps that let you scan a document and save.
  1. Have microfiber cloths and rags available in your kitchen and bathroom. Most cleanup jobs are actually pretty clean and can be accomplished with a microfiber cloth or rag that can be easily washed and reused. Cut up old t-shirts and other items and have some rags that you can use for really dirty jobs and just toss them when you are done. 
  1. Use all those reusable water bottles. If your cupboard looks anything like mine, it probably has too many reusable water bottles! See if you can skip the pack of water the next time you head to the grocery store and utilize the ones that are taking up precious real estate in your kitchen.

  2. Buy some bowls and containers with lids for food storage in your kitchen. Use these for storing leftovers and other things in the refrigerator instead of using a plastic bag or plastic wrap over a plate or container. Lids (glass and plastic) are also great for using in